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The media presses are already out with hot news as to the predictions for season 2017 for the Eagles. The schedule already features five of the teams to play against that were in the list in 2016.They should be heading west and to the Kansas City and do a Monday Night match against the Oakland raiders on the Christmas season. It is already interesting and promises more challenging and exciting matches as the year draws nearby.

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles

The team’s couch is well aware what changes to put in place to win the remaining games of year 2017. The couch should close up all the weakness spots by using the available resources we” in the offseason and should do a formulation to have a roster for all sides of the ball. The chances of wins and losses will depend on the Eagles preparedness and change of tactics against the teams which were strong for them in 2016. We therefore go ahead to make a comparative predictions mentioning strong, weak areas and improvement approach.


Week 1: against Washington Redskins- the Eagles game with Redskins last year proved to be a bit tough for them. This time round they are ready for them and have made changes in the team that will prove to be fruitful. Pierre Garcon and DE Sean Jackson have been replaced with Josh Docton and TerreIIe Pryor to improve on score points. Still the Redskins side seems to be stronger than the Eagles. Result: Loss Record: 1


Week 2: Against Kansas City Chiefs- the Kansas City Chiefs wiII field a defense led by Eric Berry and maintain a formidable score and pass rush. This we expect will be countered by the arrival of eagle defender Bennie Logan. Eagles are expected to play well in this game but they need to work hard to contain known stars such as Tyreek Hill and the Chiefs as a whole. The game looks to be a bit too tough for Eagles. Result: Loss



Week 3: Against New York Giants- The game will be tough with the Giants adding to their team Brandon Marshall to team up with Odell Beckham Jr and Sterling Shepard. Both teams have worked hard to solidify their scoring power as compared to last year. We, therefore, expect a tough game. The Giants are a bit weak in the front appearing one-dimensional and this can be a plus for the Eagles. Result; A win



 Week 4: Against Los Angeles Chargers-The onIy strength the Chargers have against the eagles is the super passing attack led by teammate Phillip Rivers and defence by Joey Basa. So the Eagles have an advantage over them. Wentz should, therefore, work hard to ensure that he has a strong defence and a superb front attack team Result: Win



Week 5: Against Arizona Cardinals- The Cardinals will be presenting a stronger team with better defence, pass play and pIaymakers in between. It will be a hard game for the Eagles. Cardinals will be featuring a bevvy made of wideouts Iike Jaron Brown, John Brown and Lary Fitzgerald and the workhorse and running mate David Johnson to make it very hard for Eagles Result; Loss



Week 6: Against CaroIina, Panthers.-This wouldn’t be an easier path for Eagles as it can be a bounce-back year for panthers. But the Panthers attack Iooks extremely limited and Eagles might take the advantage. Result: Win



Week 7: Against Washington Redskins- The last time they met the game was an equals though Doug Pederson pushed Wentz hard almost 46 times. The Eagles had more passes but this was just out of luck. The Eagles though were defeated by the Redskins in 2016. This time Wentz has figured out his game we” and will file a formidable team. Result: Win



Week 8: Against San Francisco 49ers-This is a good thing for Eagles as the 49ers are not in their best form. The future though might change the fortunes of Ker Shanahan and the manager John Lynch after a very vigorous buildup of their team which needs restructuring. The 49ers positive part is to only compete in a defensive manner for this season and that makes them no match for the Eagles. The Eagles are better poised and it looks like they are the superior team Result; Win



Week 9: Against Denver Broncos- The defence of Denver is still one of the league’s best and this will be a big challenge to Wentz team. Although the Broncos were down from the Super Bowl champion and missed some 2016 playoffs they are still very strong for the Eagles. Their pass rushing by stable is led by Von Miller and is quite elite. But still, the Eagles have a stable strength to counter this and have a win. They have Torrey Smith and AIshon Jeffrey to work hard for them Result; Win



Week 10: Bye



Week 11: Against Dallas Cowboys- the Eagles were very strong for the Cowboys in 2016. But the Eagles need to watch out as the Cowboys are now more prepared and organized. The last time they met at AT and T stadium- the Dallas had to fight out hard not to stumble. This time they will field a strong start team made of Dez Bryant’s super pIaymaking and that of Dak Prescott’s fieId manoeuvres to attack the Eagles weak areas. Result: Loss



Week 12: Against Chicago Bears-The 2016 season was better for Eagles against the Bears and they won 29-14. But the team couch PhiIIy has made changes and he has the likes of Mike GIennon. But Eagles are still strong for them and are expected to win Result: Win



Week 13: Against Seahawks-The Eagles got it rough from the Seahawks last year by losing by 26; 15. But this time they look better prepared than last year and PhiIIy should field a better team. The Eagles though playing in the same field will benefit from Wentz to present a superior defence Result: Win



Week 14: Against Los Angeles Rams-This time the Eagles seem to be more prepared for the Rams. Wentz looks to have a stronger team capable of doing away with the Result: Win



Week 15: Against New York, the Giants-The game presents a draw possibility for both teams. The giant’s defence looks more organized and a threat to Eagles Result: Loss



Week 16: Against Oakland, Raiders-The Raiders are definitely a team to reckon with and the best team in the AFC West. The attack of the Raiders was IethaI in 2016 and they definitely seem stronger than Eagles in all aspects Result: Loss



Week 17: Against DaIIas Cowboys-The Eagles know they are ahead in the NFC season and want to get the No.1 position.


The Cowboys are not as well poised to win this game more than the Eagles. Although still a force to reckon the Cowboys look more inferior to the Eagles and still the latter have improved their team.

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